Weight Loss for Insulin Users

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Weight Loss for Insulin Users

Managing diabetes can create quite a dilemma: The more insulin you take, the tighter your blood sugar. But insulin also contributes to weight gain. So how is an insulin user to manage their blood sugar and their weight? This course provides practical steps for achieving the “unachievable.”  Specific topics include:

  • The weight-gain side-effects of high blood sugar
  • Principles of caloric balance
  • Creating an insulin “point system”
  • Timing your exercise wisely
  • The power of daily activity
  • Smart carbs vs. foolish carbs
  • The snowball effect of weight loss and insulin reduction

Do you have what it takes to “test out” of this class?

Weight management and insulin use are a bear of a pair.  Would this class teach you anything new and innovative, or would you be better off spending the time exercising?