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Placement Test: Mastering Pump Therapy

1) Basal insulin’s job is to:

A. Get the blood sugar to normal at any time.
B. Get the blood sugar to normal first thing in the morning.
C. Offset the glucagon secreted by the pancreas.
D. Offset the glucose secreted by the liver.

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2) A prolonged bolus delivery should not be used when:

A. Consuming a rapidly-digesting meal.
B. Consuming a low-glycemic-index meal.
C. Consuming a very large meal.
D. Consuming a meal over a long period of time.

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3) A temporary basal adjustment would be effective in which situation?

A. At the onset of a 45-minute workout or sudden stress.
B. A meal containing large amounts of complex carbs.
C. At the first sign of a cold.
D. During a cross-country flight.

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4) The proper insulin-to-carb ratio should produce normal blood sugar:

A. 1 hour after the meal.
B. 2 hours after the meal.
C. 3-4 hours after the meal.
D. All of the above.

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5) The first response to an unexplained high blood sugar should be:

A. Give an injection with a syringe.
B. Check blood or urine for ketones.
C. Bolus with the pump.
D. Change the pump’s infusion set.

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