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Placement Test: Blood Glucose Control During Sports & Exercise

1) The predominant fuel burned during the first 10-15 minutes of exercise is:

A. Fat from fat stores.
B. Glucose from muscle and liver stores.
C. Protein from muscle stores.
D. Potato chips from convenience stores.

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2) During a prolonged period of physical activity (lasting several hours), it is a good idea to:

A. Disconnect from the insulin pump (if using one).
B. Consume some carbs every 30-60 minutes.
C. Reduce the basal rate once the activity begins.
D. All of the above.

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3) You are about to exercise, but your blood sugar is 320 mg/dl (17.7 mmol/l). You should:

A. Go ahead and exercise anyway as long as no ketones are present, but drink lots of water.
B. Postpone exercising until your blood sugar has come down.
C. Take the bolus recommended by your pump and go ahead and exercise.
D. Exercise at a higher intensity than usual so that your blood sugar will come down quickly.

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4) Which of the following is most likely to cause blood sugar to drop?

A. A competitive game of doubles tennis.
B. A fast 5k run.
C. Gentle stretching exercises.
D. Cleaning the house for an hour.

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5) For a 45-minute workout that takes place before a meal, the best way to prevent hypoglycemia is to:

A. Reduce the bolus at the previous meal.
B. Reduce the basal during the activity.
C. Have an appropriate snack prior to the activity.
D. Suspend the pump during the activity.

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