Strike The Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control

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Strike The Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control

strike the spikeNow more than ever, emphasis is being placed on minimizing glucose variability – the peaks and valleys that occur, particularly after meals.  This course is for anyone who has difficulty keeping glucose levels from peaking too high after eating. Proven, practical strategies are provided to help “tame the spike” and produce more stable overall control. Specific topics include:

  • The immediate and long-term effects of post-meal spikes
  • Specific goals for post-meal control
  • Identifying your post-meal patterns
  • Lifestyle approaches for reducing spikes
  • Medicinal approaches for reducing spikes

Do you have what it takes to “test out” of this class?

Post-meal glucose spikes… the stories of our lives, right? Have you tried all there is to try? Are you asking yourself if this class might be able to teach you something new, or do you know it all already?