Practical Pramlintide – Making Effective Use of Symlin

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Practical Pramlintide – Making Effective Use of Symlin

symlin penPramlintide (brand name Symlin) is the first new medical treatment for type-1 diabetes since the discovery of insulin more than 80 years ago.  It is a potent tool for helping with appetite suppression/weight control as well as management of after-meal blood sugar spikes.  This program explores the benefits and complexities of using Symlin, and offers practical advice for integrating it safely and effectively into the diabetes management program.  It is intended for anyone with type-1 or type-2 diabetes who takes mealtime insulin, including those who are considering Symlin, just getting started with it, or tried Symlin previously and stopped using it.
Specific topics include:
  • Basic purposes and function of Symlin
  • Challenges to succesful use
  • Starting Symlin succcessfully
  • Managing blood sugar while taking Symlin
  • Creative Symlin delivery options

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