Mastering Pump Therapy

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Mastering Pump Therapy

pump programmingFor many people, insulin pumps fail to deliver the ideal level of control that we all hope for. This course is designed to help you make much better use of your pump: from dosage self-adjustment to use of advanced pump features. Specific topics include:

    • Basics of basal insulin regulation
    • Timely troubleshooting of pump-related problems
    • Bolus dose fine-tuning
    • Applying temporary basal rates
    • Utilizing prolonged and multi-wave boluses
    • Uses for alternate basal patterns

Do you have what it takes to “test out” of this class?

Do you already know how to make the most of that fancy, computerized, faux-pancreas you’re wearing? Are you asking yourself if this class might be able to teach you something new, or will it be a waste of time? Take the test and find out!