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Placement Test: Hypoglycemia Prevention & Management

1) Hypoglycemia unawareness is caused by:

A. Brain damage resulting from previous severe hypoglycemia.
B. Extreme tiredness during a hypoglycemic event.
C. A history of repeated bouts of hypoglycemia.
D. Blood sugar that is falling very quickly.

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2) Severe hypoglycemia should be treated with:

A. Cake gel or icing placed in the cheek.
B. A glucagon injection.
C. Orange juice poured slowly down the victim’s throat.
D. Any of these.

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3) Which would be considered excessive hypoglycemia?

A. Being below target more than 10% of the time at a certain time of day.
B. Being below target more than 25% of the time at a certain time of day.
C. Having two or more lows in the course of a week.
D. Having low blood sugar twice in the same day.

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4) All of the following are techniques for preventing hypoglycemia except:

A. Subtracting fiber from the total carbohydrate count.
B. Raising the target blood glucose value.
C. Lowering the insulin sensitivity (correction factor).
D. Lengthening the duration of insulin action (for insulin-on-board calculations).

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5) To prevent hypoglycemia after meals,mealtime (bolus) insulin should produce normal blood sugar levels:

A. 1 hour after eating.
B. 2 hours after eating.
C. 3-4 hours after eating.
D. Only when delivered over several hours.

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