Diabetes information | type 1 University


T1U courses are designed for those who utilize intensive insulin therapy (type-1 or type-2
diabetes), as well as healthcare providers who treat/manage people who take insulin. Because
the courses are of a somewhat advanced nature, they are not intended for those who are newly
diagnosed with diabetes. Rather, they are meant for those who understand the basics but are
looking for detailed insights on specific topics.

If you want to know if you already know the material covered in the course, take the “placement
exam” that is included with each course description. There are five multiple-choice questions
designed to assess your knowledge.

After paying your course fee, you will receive a link to view the course and download a PDF copy of the
slides. Don’t forget, you have 7 days to access the course once the link is sent. The link may be used up to five times over a seven-day period from the date of enrollment. The courses themselves include slides with the video of the presenter. Some contain embedded video or other effects.

No! You have the option of pausing, rewinding, and fast-forwarding during a class. Watch the
course at your own comfortable pace. The link you received can be used up to five times over a seven-day period from the date of enrollment.

Not really… just high-speed internet access via a computer or smartphone as well as speakers or a headset for the audio. Because a copy of the slides will be delivered in PDF format, you will need a program for opening it, such as Adobe.
Without pausing or rewinding, most courses are 40-60 minutes in length. However, some are a little longer and some are a little shorter, depending on the amount of content and the pace of the presenter.
Yes. A separate tuition fee is charged for each course. Once payment is made, you will receive your course access link and pdf of the slides.

The courses page provides a general description and outline of each course. Take
the “placement test” to see if you already know the material that is covered in the class.

Once you select a course and click on the “shopping cart” you will be given the option of paying
by either PayPal or a major credit card. All information is transmitted using encryption to ensure
your security and confidentiality.

Absolutely! However, because the course links are not shareable, everyone will need to gather around the same video display.
Unfortunately, no. It is a violation of copyright laws to do so. Our office administrator will hunt you down and make you pay dearly.
No. Although the practice that produces T1U (Integrated Diabetes Services) is certified by the Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists, T1U is not registered with any continuing education certifying organizations.
Yes. Discounts are available to businesses, associations and healthcare providers looking to purchase access to multiple courses or for multiple people. Discounts are available starting at 25 course purchases. Please contact the “Dean” of T1U, Gary Scheiner, for details: gary@integrateddiabetes.com