Dealing With Diabetes Burnout & Stress



Kristi Paguio LMSW, CDCES, CSOWM

Managing the Emotional Side of Diabetes

Diabetes is sometimes described as a 24/7 job with lousy pay and a demanding, unpredictable boss.  Combine this with the physiologic changes that take place throughout the body when glucose levels veer outside of a normal range, and it is no mystery that people with diabetes face some serious emotional challenges.  Burnout and stress plague most people with diabetes, yet few know what to do about it.  This session covers causes, symptoms and effective strategies for dealing with a variety of emotional health issues.

Specific topics include:

  • The two-way relationship between emotional health and glucose 
  • Diabetes distress / burnout
  • Depression
  • High & low blood sugar anxieties
  • Managing chronic stress
  • The effects of sudden (acute) stress
  • The role of sleep in glucose control

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