Building Your Own Strength Training Program



Kathryn Gentile, ACSM, CEP, CPT

Strength training provides significant benefits for people with diabetes:  Improved insulin sensitivity, increased metabolism, fat loss, and reduced cardiovascular risk just to name a few.  Plus, it helps you to look better and feel better!  Successful strength training does not require fancy/expensive equipment, but if you want your program to be safe and effective, you have to know what you’re doing.  Learn the right techniques and strategies from a diabetes expert who is also an accomplished weight lifter and certified personal trainer.

Specific topics include:

  • Principles of muscle development
  • Resistance vs. strength vs. hypertrophy vs. muscle endurance training
  • Customizing your program to your goals and abilities
  • Equipment options & comparisons
  • Steps for ensuring your safety
  • Glucose management strategies
  • Proper technique for dozens of exercises

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