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Beyond Carbs: The effects of fiber, protein, fat & more!

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Dana Roseman, MPH, RDN, LDN, CDCES

Everyone who eats knows that blood glucose levels are affected by more than just carbs.  This session explores the various “other” factors in food that influence blood sugar, and more importantly, what to do about them.

Specific topics include:

  • Why & when protein raises glucose levels
  • The indirect effects of dietary fat
  • Artificial sweeteners:  free or not?
  • The influence of alcohol
  • The role of hydration

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Placement Exam: Beyond Carbs: The Glycemic Effects of Fat, Protein & More!

1. Fat in the diet:

A. Converts directly into glucose

B. Can cause temporary insulin resistance

C. Makes carbs digest faster than usual

D. Blocks the absorption of carbs into the bloodstream

2. How much protein in a carb-containing meal will likely require additional insulin?

A. At least 30g-40g

B. At least 50-60g

C. At least 70-80g

D. Any amount of protein will require additional insulin

3. A large, high-fat meal will usually require:

A. Extra bolus insulin at the start of the meal

B. Less basal insulin following the meal

C. A delayed bolus and extra basal insulin following the meal

D. An early bolus with no change to the basal insulin

4. Dehydration can cause which of the following?

A. An erroneously high reading on a blood glucose meter

B. An erroneously low reading on a blood glucose meter

C. Spotty performance on a continuous glucose monitor

D. Stress-induced hypoglycemia

E. Both A and C

F. Both B and D

5. Which is a typical blood glucose response to alcohol consumption:

A. A rise many hours later

B. An immediate decline

C. A drop many hours later

D. Alcohol does not affect blood glucose levels

Answers: B, B, C, E, C

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