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Mastering Pump Therapy

For many people, insulin pumps fail to deliver the ideal level of control that we all hope for. This course is designed to help you make much better use of your pump: from dosage self-adjustment to use of advanced pump features.

Advanced Carb Counting

This course is for those who have a basic understanding of carbohydrate gram counting but want to do so with greater ease and precision. The purpose is to make you more proficient at quantifying so that you can dose properly.

Weight Loss for Insulin Users

The more insulin you take, the tighter your blood sugar. But insulin also contributes to weight gain. This course focuses on finding the right balance of calories, carbs, insulin and activity so that weight loss can be achieved safely.

Getting the Most from Your Continuous Glucose Monitor

Intended for those who already have (or are considering) a continuous glucose monitor, this course focuses on making better use of CGM on a day-to-day basis as well as interpreting the reports from downloaded CGM data.

Strike The Spike: After-Meal Glucose Control

This course is for anyone who has difficulty keeping glucose levels from peaking too high after eating. Proven, practical strategies are provided to help "tame the spike" and produce more stable overall control.

Managing Type-1 Diabetes During Pregnancy

With your (and your baby's) health in the balance, it is important to have strategies for achieving tight glucose control without undue hypoglycemia during pregnancy. For women with type-1 who are pregnant or contemplating.

Fine-Tuning Basal Insulin

Basal insulin is the foundation of intensive insulin management. Whether you use an insulin pump or take insulin by injection, this course will teach you the "art and science" of fine-tuning your basal insulin doses.

Hypoglycemia Prevention and Management

This course focuses on more than just proper treatment of hypoglycemia... discover expert techniques for reducing the risk and incidence of mild, moderate and severe lows.